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Responsibilities and Duties of a Manager

1. Ensure that all team members, and parents where appropriate, are fully informed of competition matters, the weekly draw and Club activities, by the distribution of a Team Newsletter and other literature, notices and information supplied by the Club.

2. Record the games, full or part, played by team members and keep the Coach informed as necessary to ensure that all players participate in an equal number of games, and have equal playing time over the season.

Note: It is a firm policy of the Club that all members of a team participate in the same number of games and have close to the same total playing time over the season unless they are absent or unable to play due to injury, sickness or holidays for an extended period, or fail to attend matches.

Players borrowed from other teams must not be given preference over team members. Players in teams from Under 6 to Under 16 must not be excluded from matches for disciplinary reasons unless the problem has been discussed with a parent of the player by the Coach or Manager.

3. Arrange for parents and/or players as required to attend for field marking, ground control and kiosk duty on the day(s) your team is rostered for these duties by the Club.

4. Ensure that team members or parents are advised of late changes to the published draw and are aware of ground locations.

5. Arrange for a match report to be prepared for all your team's games and submitted in time for publication in the next Team and/or Club Newsletter.

6. Arrange, by contact with appropriate Team Managers, the borrowing of eligible players from other teams to complete your team in the absence or injury of team members.