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Responsibilities and Duties of a Coach

1. Coach and train the team to ensure that the soccer skills, fitness and team spirit are developed and enhanced and that the team performs to the best of its ability.

2. Select the team for all games and allocate players to positions in accordance with their playing skills and to the maximum benefit of the team.

3. In consultation with the Manager, ensure that all players play an equal number of games and are given approximately the same playing time in accordance with Club policy. (See Note 2 of Manager's Duties.) Players in teams from Under 6 to Under 16 must not be excluded from matches for disciplinary reasons unless the problem has been discussed with a parent of the player by the Coach or Manager.

4.  As necessary arrange with your Manager to borrow eligible players from other teams in the Club to bring the team to full playing strength in the absence or injury of team members.    A borrowed players must not be given preference over team members for participation in games.   See Part 6 of Duties of a Manager.

5. If coaching a team from Under 6 to Under 16, complete a "Player Assessment Sheet" for your players and return it to the Secretary before the final competition round. This sheet will be issued to the Manager by the Club during the second half of the season.

6. Arrange suitable training times and grounds for your team with the Assistant Ground Controller. Always ensure that your training is conducted at the location and within the times allocated to your team and seek the approval of the Controller if an alteration is required. Do not allow your training to interfere with the activities of a team allocated to another part of the ground at the same time.

7. Keep a record of all occasions members of your team are borrowed by other teams and of the players borrowed.

8. Represent your team at the monthly Coaches and Managers Meetings of the Club or arrange alternate representation from parents or supporters.

9. Managers of all competition teams (Under 9 and older) must wear a special identification jacket, badge or armband as supplied by the Club for the duration of the game.

10. Complete a "Player Assessment Sheet" for the members of your team and return it to the Secretary before the final competition game. In addition, distribute a Sheet to the Coach and a "Team Observer" for completion and return. These Sheets are issued to all teams from Under 6 to Under 16 and are distributed during the second half of the season.

11. Provide assistance to the Manager as necessary.